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Utilizarea în siguranță a Magazinului online

Shopping in the Webshop means that Buyer knows and accepts the opportunities and restrictions of the Internet with special regard to technical performance and arising errors. Buyers shall have full liability for any orders or other transactions during which their data were used. Considering the above, we ask you to make sure that your data are controlled properly.

CRISTALICA SERVICE shall not be liable for any of the errors detailed in the paragraphs below: § Internet network operation error hindering the seamless operation of the Webshop, or shopping in the Webshop, § any error in any transmission device in the communication lines, § loss of any letters - regardless whether they were received in paper or electronic format - and especially the loss of any data, § improper operation of any software, § the consequences of any programme malfunction, abnormal event, or technical error.

CRISTALICA SERVICE shall not be made liable for any force majeure cases, or any events beyond its control.

CRISTALICA SERVICE shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damage caused by logging in the Webshop, regardless of the reason.

 Buyers shall be responsible for assessing how to best protect their data stored on their computers from intruders. Buyers shall be solely responsible for logging in the Webshop and their purchases in the Webshop.

 CRISTALICA SERVICE may freely and at any time modify the conditions and rules of purchase as well as the offers and special offers of the Webshop. Modifications shall become valid as of the date of their announcement in the Webshop, therefore they may not impact orders placed before such date. Regarding the implementation of such modifications, CRISTALICA SERVICE has no sales or any further explanation liabilities other than the above. Any participants who disagree with the modification of the rules must abandon purchase.

CRISTALICA SERVICE can freely report to the police any person committing or attempting to commit a fraud in the Webshop.

CRISTALICA SERVICE shall not be made liable for any fraud committed by any third party at the expense of any participant. If a participant breaches the regulations in any form, CRISTALICA SERVICE shall annul their registration and purchase, and the Buyer shall not have the right to appeal the decision.

CRISTALICA SERVICE shall not assume any form of liability for erroneous performance arising from wrong data provided during the purchase process.